fresh start collection

Curated Essentials For A Stylish + Organized Start In Your New Home

fresh start collection

Move-in Day Bliss: Our Fresh Start Collection concierge team equips your new home with stylish organization and up to 3,000 curated high-quality essentials, from kitchenware to bath towels. Arrive to a space that reflects your style and your unique needs… ready for you to live brilliantly.

Shari personally oversees the entire project and with her team of experienced professionals facilitate... Product Sourcing •  Styling • Turn-Key Installation

a fresh start for your new beginning

Moving into your dream home shouldn't be stressful! The Brilliantista Fresh Start Collection is the perfect solution for new builds, renovations, or complete home makeovers. We'll collaborate with you, your designer, and contractors to capture your unique style and create a truly livable space.

Our team will create customized storage solutions ensure everything has a designated place.
Then we deliver and meticulously organize thousands of carefully curated essentials, tailored to your taste and lifestyle (think luxury kitchenware, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, or family-friendly dinnerware sets).

Imagine the joy of moving into a home that feels complete and organized from day one. No more shopping lists or scrambling for missing pieces - just simply arrive, unpack, and start living brilliantly.

planning session

Personalized Planning Session. We'll get to know you and your family's habits, routines, brand preferences, and dietary restrictions to create a customized plan for your dream home.

Curated Essentials

Expertly Curated Essentials: Our team meticulously selects from thousands of high-quality options to ensure everything you need is included, from designer accents to eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

order management

Seamless Order Management: Skip the shopping hassle! We handle purchasing, receiving, unboxing, and delivery of all essentials.

installation + organization

Professional Installation & Organization: Our team will install customized storage solutions and flawlessly organize everything in its designated place.

the process

fresh start collection

Itemized Purchase List

Itemized Purchase List for Repurchasing: Keep track of your essentials with our detailed list, making future purchases a breeze.

Complimentary Returns

Complimentary Returns: We understand that needs may change. Enjoy the peace of mind of complimentary returns.


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