We believe organization provides people the freedom and flexibility to do more of what they love.

Our designs are rooted in simplicity and functionality, ensuring your space not only looks amazing, but also empowers you to thrive for years to come.

No more clutter, just spaces that reflect your style and make life flow effortlessly.

Or, to put it simply... we remove the clutter that overwhelms you and bring in simple organizing solutions you wish you had all along.

perfection is never our goal... living is

from chaotic to brilliant living

We understand the stress and anxiety, cluttered and disorganized spaces can have on every day life. Imagine how calm daily life would be if all your spaces were organized. Brilliantista exists to transform lives with brilliant organization and elevated living.

Shari and her team of expert organizers quickly transform any space, eliminate decision fatigue, and source the perfect products to create functional and stylish systems to meet your specific needs. We believe getting organized shouldn't just look good, it must be functional, sustainable and make life easier for you.

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I have always believed that having physically organized spaces provides a sense of emotional calm. When things are out of place, or overrun with clutter, it causes a physical reaction of stress whether we acknowledge it or not. 

I'm Shari... a Denver-based professional organizer and space planning expert... who at the age of nine had my first client. A friend's mom hired me to organize her daughter's room and eventually the whole house... I was hooked and never stopped.

Truth... Transforming chaos into magically functional spaces that unleash people's potential and elevate their lives... brings me more joy than a trip to Disney!

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I've spent decades honing my skills helping businesses and individuals thrive by designing stunning organization systems rooted in simplicity, efficiency, and functionality that can grow with their potential needs in the future. 

I believe everyone deserves organized spaces that reflect their unique personality and empower them to shine. Yes... that includes you!

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"Brilliantista was able to help us declutter our entire home and create functional organization systems in every room. Shari and her team were a pleasure to work with, and they provided us with creative solutions that fit perfectly with our style. Now, our home feels calm and organized, and we can actually find everything we need!"

"creative solutions that fit perfectly with our style"


We hired Brilliantista to transform our chaotic office space. They were able to find solutions for maximizing storage and streamlining workflow. This has resulted in a significant increase in our team's productivity, and we're so grateful for Brilliantista's expertise!

"significant increase in our team's productivity"

Real-life conversations and practical tips on everything from… organizing your home and life (hello, less clutter, more joy!), developing healthy habits, and work-life balance… to navigating life's challenges. We laugh, we cry, we learn... and we embrace imperfection.

Are you ready to create the life you want to live… and elevate your brilliance?

Press play… make some new BESTIES… and let's elevate life... together!

a reality!

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